Society of
World Dance Masters

Professional Dance Teacher Training & Licensing

SWDM have a Members FREE Training Program for those wishing to become Professional
Ballroom dance teachers. FREE Training is open to any person on proviso that SWDM
Membership is taken out and maintained during the One Year Training Program.

Those applying for FREE Teacher Training need to make appointment for Interview to determine

suitability for the program


Membership Application Form, see "Membership" page


All Trainee Teachers are prepared in three (3) styles of Ballroom, namely Modern Ballroom,
Latin American and New Vogue.


These three styles of Ballroom Dancing are Internationally recognized and the basis for
most forms of social dancing in Australia. Teacher Trainees are trained practically (to
learn "steps" within the syllabus level being undertaken.

See this page -


There is also a "technical component" where all the breakdown of movement within each step is
studied so as to make the trainee teacher competent in educating their students.


At the end of the training, an examination will take place to determine each trainee teacher's
ability in the practical component as well as the technical section. Basic understanding of music
is taught so trainee teacher knows difference from one dance to another. Timing, Tempo, Footwork,
Alignment are some of the terms used in the technical component. On successful completion of the
Teacher Training, a dance teachers certificate is issued to the new teacher. This certifies to the world
of dance that the recipient has passed examination to Internationally recognised minimum
standards and is recognised in 200 countries world wide.


SWDM will provide our top teacher trainees that pass their examination with Full &/or Part Time
work once licensed through our examination process where the teacher is assessed to International
minimum standards. SWDM and its affiliates have in excess of 1500 teachers that have been
licensed through this system nce September 2000 and where many of these teachers now work in
UK, USA, Germany, Netherlands, China, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Brunei,
Myanmar, Philippines and Australia. Many of these teachers that have been licensed by examination
went on later to complete Adjudicator Training & Licensing that has allowed them to adjudicate at local,
National and International Championships in many countries over the past 16years.


SWDM Teachers have also figured prominently in both Amateur and Professional Championships
around the world including Gifford Gavieres & Anna Coloma placing 34th in WDC World Professional
Ten Dance Championships at Hong Kong in 2001, Albert Dimarucut & Deborah Civardi placed in top 24
(Quarter Final) at World Imperial Latin Championships (223 entries) and were also Australian official
reresentatives to WDC World Show Dance Championship placing 15th, Evgeny Sokhranny &
Anastasia Kosytana Official representatives for Israel, winners China International, Korean
International & Myanmar International Professional Latin; Michael Badong & Rhea Muana, Official
Reps for Philippines and Philippine National Latin & Show Dance Champions, Singapore International Show Dance Champions and Reggie Perico & Sofia Sangco as well as with Anna Marie (Maia) Bautista, Official Reps for Philippines at Asian Pacific Professional Latin Championships, plus Robert & Nadjah Limen Philippines Professional Ballroom Champions are among just a few of the many SWDM Professional successes


















Become another success story of SWDM today, JOIN NOW!

Receive FREE TRAINING as a SWDM member, conditions apply, see Membership Page for 
full details.


Training will begin Sunday 26th March 2017 at Hazelbrook, Blackheath & Lithgow. 
Limited positions, apply now to avoid disappointment.
Enrollment closes Sunday 26th March 2017


Anyone, yes, any person aged 18years or above with the desire may apply to participate as a
Trainee Dance Teacher and as a financial member of SWDM, you will be entitled to One (1) Year
FREE TRAINING leading to achieving your first dance teacher degree through examination to
international minimum standards. We have maintained a 98% pass rate since starting the Member's
Free Training Program.


Therefore, no need to be afraid of the examination, as our training program will completely prepare you
mentally and physically for the task ahead. SWDM has produced in excess of 1500 licensed dance
teachers since 2000.


Accepted SWDM Member Trainee Dance Teachers must attend a minimum of two FREE
Training sessions weekly, the more time you can spare to train, the better the result you
will feel in your personal improvement in both practical and technical areas of your course.

Available Practical Training Schedules as follows:


  • Training Schedule 1 - Must attend 3pm - 5pm Training each Sunday at Hazelbrook Studio
    plus choose to attend at least one (1) of  the Evening Training Programs held as follows:
    7pm Mondays at Catholic Hall, Great Western Highway, Blackheath - Join Now
    7pm Tuesdays at Hazelbrook Public School, Great Western Highway, Hazelbrook - Join Now
    7pm Wednesdays at Lithgow Workers Club, Lithgow Starts - Book Now, starts March 15
  • Training Schedule 2  - Must attend 3pm - 5pm Training each Sunday at Hazelbrook Studio
    plus attend at least two (2) or up to four (4) Evening Training Programs weekly, held as follows: 
    7pm Mondays at Catholic Hall, Great Western Highway, Blackheath - Join Now
    7pm Tuesdays at Hazelbrook Public School, Great Western Highway, Hazelbrook - Join Now
    7pm Wednesdays at Lithgow Workers Club, Lithgow Starts - Book Now, starts March 15

Full Details of your possible Qualification and acceptance to FREE SWDM Membership Training Program is available on the "Membership" page and includes Benefits of SWDM Membership. Please be aware there are limited FREE Training Membership positions available. Apply Now




Philippines first licensed  Dance Teachers Sept. 2000


Philippines first Licensed Adjudicators Dec 2002


SWDM Chinese Professional Dance Teachers


Main Ballroom Technical Books studied during the SWDM Teacher Training Programs

gallery/evgeny sokhranny & anastasia kositsyna

Gifford & Ana                                   Albert & Deborah with Imelda Marcos                                Evgenny & Anastasia                     Michael & Rhea


Reggie & Sofia               Eduard  & Maia

center is SWDM Chairman


Robert & Nadjah Limen

Republic of Philippines
Professional Ballroom Champions